Nedumbassery Golf Course

The developing golf course at Nedumbassery can be welcome news for golf lovers in Kerala. The golf course is build near the Nedumbassery international airport at Cochin. Golf is not played widely in Kerala. Kerala has only 4 golf courses in total and most of them are of 9 holes. The upcoming 18 hole golf course at Nedumbassery can be positive step taken in the view of developing golf in Kerala. The course is build over an area of 48 hectares with an estimated cost of Rs 13 crores.

The tourism department board of India has given a helping hand by providing a grand of Rs 10 crores. No major golf tournaments are hoisted in Kerala and so golf is not popular in Kerala. The upcoming golf course is expected to make dramatic changes to golfing in Kerala.

The golf course under construction at Nedumbassery, with all latest facilities have brought cheers among the golfers of Kerala. There has been lot of delay in the development of course, as it was strongly objected by environmentalist and local people.

These large courses deplete water recourses near by area resulting in serious water scarcity, proposal for building the course was rejected several times because of this reason. The Nedumbassery golf course is a combine venture of the Kerala government tourism board and some private organizations. For many years Kerala has been a favorite spot for international tourists.

Now tourist can see Kerala as a golfing destination, they can enjoy golfing along with spending vacation in the beautiful places of Kerala. But it would take time for the course to be built completely. The golf course will have excellent infrastructure with all latest facilities to provide training for beginners as well as for experts.