The Life Coaching Process

The area of personal development is an amazing area that is vast and yet it is incredibly interconnected. This not only provides a life coach with an unbelievable number of tools to use but also the benefits of the unlimited ways of how these tools can be combined are amazing.

From the many tools that I use I particularly found a set of four questions that are a combination of questions asked in both life coaching models and emotional intelligence.

Let us look at the questions asked in the life coaching model:

1) What do you want?

2) What are your options?

3) What is the best option?

Now let us see what one of the most famous emotional intelligence models asks:

1) What do you want?

2) What are your options?

3) How do you feel?

I found incredible results by combining both to come with one unified set of questions that would take the benefits of both sets:

1) What do you want?

2) What are you options?

3) What is the best option? or How would you prioritize them?

4) How do you feel?

Look how both models agree about the first two questions. Well actually those two questions, especially the first one, cause a real challenge to many people.

We seem to be experts in knowing what we don’t want, but when it comes to defining what we really want we seem to stumble a lot before getting the answer.

The emotional intelligence model does not continue to discover the best option or the priority of these options because it takes it a natural sub-sequence. While the life coaching model needs to help the client pin down every detail as the resulted action plan depends heavily on those answers.

While the life coaching model does not mention the question “how do you feel?” as part of the questions above, but the ending of the session must include this question to check the effect of the session on the client and to realize the difference between the beginning and the end of the session from the client’s point of view.

The above combination is only a small example how different models can bring marvelous results in the personal discovery and personal development journey. Personally I use a lot of the emotional intelligence tools and combine them with the different life coaching models and I try them on myself to check the results.